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7 things to consider before you invest in a communications system

Communication is the backbone of any business. It’s how you organise your team and connect with customers. But more than that, modern communication platforms connect with every other part of your business. Get the right system and you’ll be future-proof, with all kinds of productivity benefits. Get it wrong and you could be tied down to something unsuitable for years.

That’s the worst-case scenario, and we’ve written this blog to help you avoid it. There’s a lot of choice out there and what works for one business won’t always work for another. At RHM, we’ve helped countless businesses make the right choice. We analyse our customers’ needs, and then use our expertise to meet them.

We’ve got years of experience in finding the right communications system for a whole range of business needs, budgets and sizes. We know what to take into account, and we’re using this blog to share some of that knowledge. This is a list of 7 things to consider before you invest.

1. Will staff numbers fluctuate?

One basic consideration is how many users your phone system will have. Naturally, this can change over time. If you’ve got expansion plans, you’ll need to add users. If your staffing needs are more seasonal, you may need to add and remove temporary users at different times.

To manage the costs, it helps to have a system that’s flexible. With a cloud platform from RHM, you can add and remove users at the click of a mouse. That kind of instant, simple scalability gives you confidence that you’ve always got what you need, without overpaying.

2. Do different staff need different levels of access?

If you’re getting a phone system with a whole range of features, you need to be able to control access. For example, you might only want call samplers and line managers to be able to access call recordings.

With RHM, this is easy. All our phone systems come with easy-to-use controls so that you can set, upgrade and revoke access as you need, with a simple click of a mouse.

3. A pricing structure that is flexible and adaptable to your business

This is a big one. You really don’t want to be locked into an inflexible agreement. If you’re planning to expand, or the circumstances of your business change in any way, you don’t want to find yourself footing the bill for something that no longer fits.

At RHM, we can offer cloud-based phone systems that can be adapted immediately. You only pay for the licenses and add-ons that you need, when you need them, which means that when your business changes, your phone system changes with it.

4. Connectivity for today and tomorrow

Modern business phone systems run online. And with traditional ISDN phone lines being permanently switched off, it’s time for all businesses to switch to IP-based communication. An important question to ask is whether your business broadband is up to it.

You really don’t want to be losing calls because you lack bandwidth. Modern fibre broadband from RHM is faster, with more bandwidth and resilience to support your business and prevent downtime.

5. What new features do you need?

Modern communications systems offer a huge range of add-ons and integrations with third-party software like your CRM. From call recording and analytics to hotel management integration, you can do so much more than just calls. At RHM, we’ll analyse what you do and offer a system that supports it.

6. How can you put customers first?

A business is nothing without its customers. And in the age of online reviews and social media, great service is everything. Your business communication system is a critical part of this. You need to manage calls and resources to keep hold times down. When customers get through, they’ll expect crystal-clear calls. RHM can help with every part of this, from great call quality to analytics and CRM integration.

7. How resilient are you?

While most technology works most of the time, there’s always a risk of disruption. Power cuts and internet outages may not be common, but they do happen and it’s important to prepare. Downtime costs money, and lost files can cause huge problems.

At RHM, we can help you prevent this. All our communication systems have disaster recovery features built in, and we can always advise on how to prevent the worst. We can even provide a backup on-premise system to support your cloud platform, so that you’re always available.

How we can help

There’s a lot to consider when you’re upgrading your communications system, so we hope this has helped to clarify some of those uncertainties. At RHM, we’ve got years of experience here and are always willing to go the extra mile to help.

With modern cloud communications platforms, you really can do so much – remote working and collaboration will become easier and more productive than ever, while the range of features can support businesses of all sectors and sizes. Still, you need to be sure you’ve got the right system before you invest. We’ll analyse your business and budget, and tailor our suggestion to what you need.

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