Holloway friendly case study

Holloway Friendly Case Study

Holloway Friendly provide income protection, to keep members’ bills paid and help keep lifestyles intact if they’re unable to work for a period of time due to injury or illness. The focus of this Gloucester-based organisation is to listen to their members and deliver real solutions for them.


The challenge


Communication is central to everything that Holloway Friendly does. They need to be able to quickly and reliably respond to members whenever needed. This was limited by their previous phone system. This Avaya system was not up to standard, didn’t include necessary features, and failed to track key metrics. Something had to change. The team were also looking to improve their internet connectivity in order to meet demand.

When dealing with urgent enquiries, calls always need to be routed to the right operator. Customers can’t be left in long queues, nor should they be transferred to many different staff before they receive the help they need. Any new communication service that Holloway Friendly adopted needed to place inbound and outbound call handling as a top priority.

As a growing team, Holloway Friendly also wanted to access services that could benefit their organisation as it grows. Before getting in contact with RHM, they had no way to measure any form of communications activity. Moving forwards the team wanted a system that could track key metrics, such as missed calls and call duration. They also wanted a service that could accurately track their busiest times of day, so they could assign more resources accordingly.


The solution


After hearing these requests, RHM were in a great position to help. Upon consulting with the team on the issues they were facing, we recommended a new Gamma Horizon phone system. This cloud-based system helped the organisation to meet their goals in a number of different ways.

Especially within the team’s call centre, the Horizon system allowed them to work with a much greater level of productivity. Calls could be handled much more efficiently, audio quality was clearer, and calls were automatically routed to the right member of staff faster. In the case of emergency the team were protected as well. As the new system was cloud based, the team could easily use it to work from home when needed. This provided a fantastic level of business continuity.

We also helped Holloway Friendly to better manage the way calls were tracked and recorded. With call analytics, they can easily track their busiest times of day and make the appropriate adjustments to their service. Call recording was also included, to resolve any disputes should they arise and to provide better staff training. It is of course worth mentioning that as the new system was cloud based and doesn’t rely on traditional phone lines, call costs and maintenance are massively reduced.

Finally, we also introduced a faster and more secure internet connectivity service, to support the new phone system and the rest of the team’s daily work.


The feedback


Rob Broady, Head of IT at Holloway Friendly, said this:

“Our consultant Michelle Holloway was extremely informative and key to understanding our needs. RHM has been great – our challenges started to reduce immediately once the secure internet connection was installed giving, us stability and security. We were able to utilise this for voice traffic, saving us money on landlines and calls. We have an excellent, cloud-based phone system in place and it has increased our daily productivity. I can wholeheartedly recommend RHM to any business looking to improve overall communications.”


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