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We’re offering 3 free months of Horizon Cloud Communications

We have an exciting, time-limited offer to share. Right now, if you sign up for our Horizon cloud communication service on a new 5-year contract, your first 3 months will be completely free. Any installation costs will also be completely free.

With this offer your business can access all the features of a Horizon phone system for free during the first 3 months of your contract. This includes a vast range of call handling and collaboration features, accessible wherever you work. All you have to do is pay for any ‘out of bundle’ calls.

Horizon is one of the world’s fastest growing communication services. In 2022 it has hit a milestone number of 650,000 total users. 2022 is set to see some exciting new features arrive on the platform as well. The team behind Horizon have already announced a renewed focus on maximising the platform’s mobile capabilities, which is perfect if you have hybrid workers.


How is Horizon better than my current system?


We’re so glad you asked. Horizon was developed in order to address some key complaints businesses were finding with traditional on-premise communications.

One of the main areas of improvement that we see every day with our customers at RHM is scalability. Adding new users to your phone system used to be disruptive, expensive and sometimes even impossible with some older systems. Horizon addresses this in the simplest way possible. All you need to do is add a new license to your subscription, set up a user and they can get to work. No downtime or maintenance required.

Another key improvement is Horizon’s multi-site capabilities. We’ve worked alongside many businesses over the years that have multiple sites, often in the property sector. However, as these companies have separate and aging phone systems, so that the sites practically function as separate businesses. Horizon offers huge improvements here. It allows you to use the same system across as many sites as you want. This means if one site is facing a high volume of calls, you can quickly direct customers to another site to relieve them. This also opens up the opportunity for better remote working.


Why you’ll be hearing about Horizon more


Part of why we’re so excited to offer this free 3 months to UK businesses is because of its perfect timing. Despite increasing warnings from BT and other providers, many businesses still aren’t prepared for the switch off of the UK’s PSTN and ISDN phone lines. The last of these services are switching off in 2025, but many have already gone.

Switching to a cloud phone system like Horizon allows you to get around this with ease. As well as the features we mentioned earlier, it’s completely future proof. We’ll continually update your system throughout its lifetime with new features and security improvements.

There are also incentives to switch sooner rather than later. You may already know that BT Openreach are steadily increasing the prices of PSTN and ISDN lines prior to their switch off. Horizon allows you to circumvent these charges, without facing the initial outlay that would come from buying a new on-premise phone system.

Get in touch


If you’d like to learn more about this offer, and how Horizon can benefit you, then get in touch. We’ll be happy to run through the switching and contract process with you and how Horizon could work for your business. This offer is only available until the end of May 2022.

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