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On-hold Marketing Promotion

This May we’re launching an exciting new offer, designed to help you keep your customers happy! We’re currently offering the first month of our on-hold messaging service for free on our Entry or Active packages.

At RHM we specialise in the art of helping businesses to communicate at their best with their customers. This naturally involves providing phone systems with helpful and great audio quality. But how do you impress customers before they even reach your team? That’s where our on-hold messaging service comes in.


What is our on-hold messaging service?


Our service provides professionally recorded instant music and message compilations to improve your on-hold areas, auto attendant and welcome greetings. This also includes welcome greetings and out-of-hours responses. This integrates alongside your phone system to keep customers informed and better ensure that every call goes smoothly.

With our service you receive access to:

  • 300+ professional voice artists
  • 400+ license-free music tracks
  • Choice of text-to-speech voices for those urgent or instant recordings
  • Professionally pre-recorded, ready-made marketing messages and templates to help you create your perfect on-hold messages to mix with music


What are the benefits of on-hold messaging?


We know that not every call can be immediately answered by a member of staff. Auto attendants and call queues are an essential part of the business communication process. Our on-hold messaging service ensures that calls that are handled by these systems are just as welcoming and professional as your team.

With another bank holiday coming up it’s the perfect time to take advantage. You can record custom messages to let callers know your opening hours before they even reach your team. This helps to answer any queries and stops your team from being overwhelmed with calls. We’ve seen this work especially well in the education sector.

It also works the other way around. If you’ve got special events or offers ongoing, then you can let every caller know with a custom message. It’s a great way to reward loyal customers for their patience.

We know many businesses launch additional services but struggle to promote them effectively. On-hold messaging provides a great opportunity here. You can use your on-hold messaging to upsell or cross-sell additional services. We’ve seen this used by dentists who offer cosmetic services, or restaurants promoting a new menu.


How can you access this service?


We’re happy to say that if you’re an existing RHM customer, you can access our on-hold messaging studio with ease. Just get in touch with the team to get your account up and running.

Once your account is set up you can start creating and implementing your suite of on-hold messages. If you’re in a hurry to inform your customers, then we recommend using text-to-speech characters which require no recording time. Or take a look at our range of over 10,000 professionally scripted and recorded marketing messages.

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In May we are offering you the first month’s subscription free of charge to prepare for the upcoming jubilee and bank holiday. Our Entry and Active plans are included in this promotion. If you’d like to find out more, why not book in a free demo with the team? or call at 0345 136 60 60.


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