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Ways to make communications more efficient

We’re always looking for ways to make our businesses run that little bit smoother, and at RHM we think we’ve mastered it. It’s all about taking stock of the processes you use every day, and ensuring that everyone involved in those processes has the tools for success.

Today we’re going to run through the services and techniques that support our team here at RHM, and how they can support your business as well.


CRM Integration: Handle every call like a pro


Customer calls are often far longer than they need to be. Although it’s good to maintain great personal relationships with your customers, everyone enjoys it when their requests get handled quickly. There are many factors to improving the efficiency of call handling, such as effective training and resource allocation, but we think CRM integration can make a huge difference.

Integrating your CRM alongside your phone system allows all customer facing staff to stay in the know in any situation. As soon as a call comes in, your phone system will reference the number alongside the corresponding entry in your CRM. This will then show customer details and any notes made by your colleagues, allowing you to understand and address their needs quickly.


Multi-site call routing: Make the most of your resources


Businesses with multiple sites are at a huge advantage when it comes to efficient communications, but many don’t make the most of it. If your sites are running different phone systems, then you are essentially functioning as separate businesses.

By installing one system, connected to the cloud, across all your sites you gain a host of new features. One of these is the ability to route calls between sites during peak hours. If one site is overwhelmed, you can simply direct calls to a neighbour. The staff at this site will know that the customer tried to call elsewhere and can handle the call appropriately. There’s every possibility that customers won’t even tell the difference.


Business mobiles: Take professionalism with you


Over the past two years we’ve all had to approach business communications differently. Working from home seems here to stay, but maximising efficiency when working remotely is its own challenge.

The solution to this challenge might already be in your pocket. We rely on our mobiles every day, but with the right services you can turn them into a real business powerhouse. We recommend using unified communications services. This service allows you to access your phone system from a device of your choice. This includes mobiles, and means that you can make the most of all the call handling features of your office system from anywhere. This allows you to improve availability and maintain great standards.

To make the most of this versatility, we recommend using a business mobiles policy to equip your team with the right phones for them.


Video conferencing: Access face-to-face connections with ease


Video conferencing is another service that has shot up in popularity in recent years, but needs to be managed efficiently. Without the right processes in place, it’s easy to spend all day on them!

First of all, we once again recommend using a unified communication system. With these services, such as our Horizon platform, you can escalate any phone call or instant messaging chat to a video conference at the push of a button. This allows you to make the most of video conferencing when you need it, but not wasting time when it isn’t.

Using UC for your video conferences also allows you to schedule and invite guests to calls more efficiently. With our platform, you can email any invitees a QR code. Then they can simply click this code and join the call on their browser, with no downloads or third-party systems required. This not only makes conferences more accessible, but speeds up the process too.


Call recording: The ultimate training resource


How do you know that your team are working at their best? In a small office it’s easy to check up on people, but once you expand or work from home it can be a lot more taxing. Ensuring that everyone understands your processes makes your communications far more efficient.

This is where call recording comes in. We offer a cloud call recording service that can work alongside your business phone system. This will unobtrusively record customer calls, and can be discretely switched on by members of your team. Not only is this great for solving any disputes that may arise, but is also a valuable training resource.

Calls are stored securely on a cloud database. From here you or a manager can sort them by operator, customer or date to check up on individual team members. You can also take a random sample for a more general overview. We also recommend using a recorded call from one of your top performers to use as a training resource for any new members of staff.

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