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Why schools need a modern phone system

One of the challenges facing schools in modern times involves ensuring that teachers, parents and pupils are always kept informed. Modern communication systems for schools are crucial for supporting this process.

RHM have been delivering communication solutions to the education sector for over 30 years. We work with schools, colleges and federations to provide long-term, comprehensive comms packages that are tailored to fit your needs.

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Safeguarding and improving safety

The biggest priority in the education sector is and always will be security and safeguarding students. A modern communication solution will maintain these standards and work to improve them.

In the event of emergencies, having good communications at hand serves to give administrators the capabilities to transfer information to both staff and students quickly. Features such as emergency notifications also ensures an early response to an incident and keeping people in the know to improve efficiency. Cloud backup also keeps valuable communication data safe and potentially encrypted if need be.


Enhancing internal communication

Personal communication is natural in schools. However, it’s equally important to enhance the digital communications within schools to improve workflow for administrators and teachers. A solid telephony system will support the daily operations within a school, and keep staff in the know with what’s going on.

Upgrading to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system will mean that staff have the most efficient way to call. VoIP calls are high-quality, low-cost and give the staff the option of video or voice calls. You can also enhance your processes by introducing a unified communications app.

Unified communications integrate with your instant messaging and emailing apps to further maximise efficiency in many ways. Scheduled calls are a commonplace solution for ensuring staff are all on the same page for attending video conferences or hosting an online class.


Flexibility and scalability

Any community within the public sector needs assurance that their communication services will provide a long-term, flexible solution. School especially, are limited in time whereby students are site most of the time, so they need their communications to be running efficiently whenever the schools are open. They may also undergo changes that instigates a change in communication arrangements. Our bespoke solutions are able to accommodate these kinds of shifts.

By 2025, legacy fixed lines for telephones will be switched off in the UK. This means that businesses will need to have switched to internet-based telephones by this time. We don’t want anyone to get caught out by the switch-off. It’s a good idea to make the switch as early on as possible. IP-based calls are future-proof and will streamline your telephony for years to come.

Unified communications is a term used in the telecoms industry for putting all of your methods of digital communication in one place. This means being able to answer calls from different apps, receiving instant messages and video calls from one centralised platform. For administrators and teachers giving remote classes, these features can make workflow much easier.


Increasing parental involvement

Administration departments within schools are very often busy with a high volume of calls from parents, especially in larger schools. In particularly busy periods there may even be wait times for parents calling the office. Calls may even get missed at times.

There are certain telephony features that can assist with administration and help you to keep on top of your calls. Desktop-integrated telephones can record calls, save your missed calls into easily accessible windows on your desktop. Instant messaging integrations give parents the option to send SMS messages to your school directly.

We also know what those busy morning rush calls can be like. Influxes of incoming calls can mean that not everyone will get through to someone immediately. Features such as auto-attendants, setting up absence line options on the menu and call queuing to help during busy bursts in incoming calls. You may also consider on-hold marketing for your telephones. Having tailored, on-hold music or messages helps to keep your parents on the phone when wait times are high.


Lowering administration costs

Landline telephones are more expensive than IP-based telephone calls. Any site with high volume of calls such as a school, college or campus will benefit from keeping telephone contract costs down.

Services like call routing, self-service and reporting will increase your workflow for calls. This will serve to save you money in the long run, by making good use of your administration resources, and saving your colleagues time and effort.


Why choose RHM Telecoms?

As a company, we only work with suppliers that provide future-proof, reliable telecoms solutions. We understand how difficult it can be dealing with the big carriers in the UK. We build partnerships, not transactions. Our people are our livelihood and the reason that we do what we do.

If your school or college is thinking of moving towards a modern telecommunication and connectivity solution, look no further. Our people at RHM can create a tailored solution that is right for you. Simply head to our contact page or give us a call on 0345 136 6060.

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