Best small business energy rates: the benefit of energy consultancy

Best small business energy rates: The benefit of energy consultancy

As a small business owner, you’re often juggling multiple plates and stepping into lots of different roles. You’re always on the go, and every day is full of decision making and delegation.

Finding an energy supplier for your gas and electric is one task that you’re able to offload. Using an energy consultancy has multiple benefits, and they don’t stop at finding you the best deal.

We’ve gathered the top reasons to out-source to an energy broker, what to look for, and how RHM are best placed to meet the needs you’ve thought of – and the needs you haven’t.

How can a small company benefit from using an energy broker?


1.      Eliminate stress

All businesses need an energy package, but organising an energy supplier can be a stressful activity. Passing the hard work of research and comparison over to an energy broker relieves pressure and allows you to wash your heads of the extra stress that comes with choosing an energy provider.

2.      Save time

Sifting through energy options and packages is time consuming. And what do all business owners need more of? Time. This is a key benefit to energy consultancy. It frees up capacity for other projects and allows you to focus on what matters to you: your business. After all, time is money.

3.      Save money

Speaking of money, you will always save pennies and find the best deals when you invest in an energy consultancy. They have tools in their arsenal that consumers don’t, which we’ll talk about later.

We’ve given you a lot to consider, so now we’re going to help you navigate the energy broker landscape.

How to choose an energy consultancy for your business

It’s one thing knowing the benefits to partnering with an energy broker. But that’s just step one if your decision process. Step two: knowing what to look for.

It’s important to scout out a consultancy who will listen to your requirements, and one who has a strong customer-focused attitude. After all, you want someone who’s on your side.

You’re putting your trust in a team of experts and handing over the reins, so ensure that you’re dealing with a company that operates on transparency, where an upfront and honest relationship is a priority.

Think about your business needs and choose a reputable broker that has a proven track record. Here at RHM, we’ve been helping businesses for decades. In a volatile and unpredictable energy market, you need a reliable energy broker with a stable and established presence.

And that isn’t the only consideration. We’ve thought of lots of ways to give our customers the best experience, and results.

Finding the best small business energy rates with RHM – why choose us?


1.      We’re unique

We offer free, no-obligation health checks and carbon audits. This is to assess whether you’re paying the right amount and to find ways to reduce your monthly spend and carbon emissions. We also prioritise a personalised, customer-focused approach to our service.

2.      We monitor the market and have industry connections

We’re motivated to find you the best deal. We have strong connections with energy companies. This means we’re not only positioned to secure you the best rates, but we can get ahead of market changes and know in advance how prices might be about to rise or fluctuate.

3.      We’re trusted by companies of all sizes

No matter the size of your business, or the level of requirements you may have, we perform an in-depth assessment and provide tailored solutions. You can feel confident that you’re getting the most suitable setup, at the best price. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation for helping a range of businesses across the UK with their energy needs.

4.      We support

It’s a turbulent time in the world of energy. RHM are committed to helping businesses find cost-effective, suitable energy packages, with an emphasis on continued support and advice. Our service isn’t one-dimensional. We help our clients reduce costs and drive efficiencies, all whilst delivering excellent communication, providing regular updates, and monitoring the expiry and renewal of your contract.

Final thoughts

In recent times, the conversation around energy has been fuelled by fear and uncertainty. With price caps increasing and energy prices showing no signs of decreasing, it’s even more important to find the best deal for you, from a partner you can trust.

As a small business, the value of an energy consultancy gives back to you over time, reducing stress and saving money.

At RHM, our priority is you. As a reputable consultancy, we utilise our long-standing industry connections to deliver small businesses a tailored service, lead with a customer focus.

To start your free health audit or to speak to one of our specialists, get in touch. 

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