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Business mobile: what should you look out for in a provider?

Effective and efficient communication is essential for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking for business mobiles to provide greater flexibility for your team, or you want greater value from your mobile partner, RHM can help.

But with so much choice out there, finding the right provider is key. In this latest blog, we’re going to talk about the benefits of business mobile, what to look for in a provider, and our unique approach to business mobile device management.

Should you get business mobile?

In a world where employees want flexibility, and clients want quick turnarounds, having a business mobile phone offers a communication solution that delivers a suite of benefits. Let’s delve into what business mobile could bring to your business.


Business mobiles allow remote and hybrid teams to stay connected, no matter their location. This improves work/life balance, facilitating remote work and keeping employee’s personal and work numbers separate. This flexibility can also be presented as an employee perk and helps sets the right company culture and tone.

Boost productivity

Allowing employees to work remotely boosts morale, and productivity. And with employees able to access files and mobile apps on the go, such as Microsoft 365, Teams, and Slack, your team can quickly complete tasks and answer messages.

Improve customer service

Providing your employees with mobile phones allows them to keep in touch with clients and provide rapid responses, which is an excellent way to offer top-level customer service and communication touch points with clients.


Choosing to get all your business mobiles under one contract can be a cheaper communication option for your team.

Lone worker protection

If your business has very remote workers or on the road employees, business mobile offers emergency support and GPS tracking capability. This helps with security, which can make your employees feel safe and valued.

What does business mobile look like with RHM?

We believe that business mobile is a great tool for businesses, but we also understand there’s a lot of choice out there, and with varying needs across your business, choosing mobile contracts can be overwhelming.

Here at RHM, we take the stress out of business mobile.

Mobile packages from the top UK providers

We have access to many of the top UK business mobile phone providers; O2, Vodafone, EE and Three, and as approved business partners, we’re able to source the perfect mobile package and tailored business mobile phone plans for your business.

Tailored packages

Whether you’re looking to have your billing through us, or through your own system, we can design tailored packages to suit the diverse and unique needs of your team. From SIM-Only to data-hungry tasks, we’ll find the right setup for you.

Multi-network connectivity

We understand that your team may be widespread or located in different offices, that’s why we offer the ability to mix and match carriers. We also provide connectivity to all the networks with network agnostic data SIMs, allowing mobiles to automatically search, select and switch to the strongest signal in any location, from any network. What’s the added benefit? You suffer minimised downtime and increased business continuity as your business can tick over without the loss of signal.

Business mobile device management

As with any technology, it’s important to make sure it’s managed correctly and securely.

RHM’s mobile device management provides a central management platform. The platform supports multiple devices and accommodates multiple ownership across secure mobile devices. Included in this is, installation, configuration, training, support, upgrades, and insurance.

Business mobile security

Our business mobile management software keeps your business secure by allowing you to wipe the phone remotely in the event of loss or theft. We also replace handsets fast to get your team up and running again pronto.

Unified, transparent billing

Have you ever looked at your mobile bill and been left confused and frustrated at an overpayment? Well, with RHM, that won’t happen. Say goodbye to inflexible mobile tariffs and unpredictable bills and say hello to our tariff optimiser.

With our tariff optimiser, you’ll never pay more than you should. We calculate your monthly bill using our best rates, and we’re committed to being fully transparent about your spend, which means you’ll have full visibility, no hidden fees, and no shocks. It’s peace of mind in one tidy bundle.

Helpdesk support

When choosing your business mobile, it’s important to consider not just what you’re looking for in a device, but also a provider.

And with our business mobile, you get a team of specialists that are committed to finding the right plan for you, at the right price. But we go beyond this. Our team are here to help support you. Whether it’s billing queries, helping replace handsets, or helping you with a contract renewal, we’re on standby to make your business mobile experience seamless.

A wide choice of handsets and tariffs

Whether you need a robust handset for working on building sites, a smart phone with productivity apps at your fingertips, or even a SIM-only plan for employees using their own phones – we’ve got you covered. We also offer a broad range of tariffs to suit your needs.

And in case you were wondering, we support all operating systems from Android to IOS to Windows and Blackberry.

The benefits to choosing RHM for your business mobile

So, why choose us? Well, here at RHM, our goal is to make things easy for business owners, and their employees. And we value transparency. Our dedicated mobile support team are on your side, always finding ways to get you the best rate, keeping a key eye on your mobile contracts.

And our products also go above and beyond. Our customers can access our Webability system, providing access to 12 months’ worth of invoices and history, offering an eAlert system, and call analysis features.

We know just how important security is to your business, and the disasters that can unfold if someone gets their hands on sensitive data. With our dedicated lost/stolen support, we immediately secure your device as soon as possible, as well as organising a replacement. And if your employees are planning to travel, we can organise appropriate bolt-ons to prevent unexpected charges.

All solutions are billed directly by RHM in a single, easy to understand monthly statement, with on-line web access to a wide range of reporting criteria to help manage your mobile estate in a controlled and cost-effective manner. Find out more.

Final thoughts

Business mobile offers a true flexibility and increased productivity for teams of all sizes.

From integrating VoIP to offering virtual mobile numbers, pooling your data or SIM-only plans, our mobile specialists can find you the perfect mobile solution that allows you to focus on your business and keep your team productive.

We’ve helped many Gloucester businesses introduce business mobile phone plans to their organisation. For stress-free and well-managed business mobile, chat to our team today.

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