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RHM named as an approved provider of the NHS England Better Purchasing framework

Gloucester-based reseller, RHM, have helped many GP surgeries and healthcare sites with their communication and technology needs over the years, developing long-standing relationships. Their decades of experience, high-quality technology and unrivalled support has led them to being added to the list of approved providers for the NHS Better Purchasing framework on the 5th of January 2024.

What is the Better Purchasing framework?

The Advanced Telephony Better Purchasing framework (BPf) allows Doctors Surgeries to procure cloud-based telephone systems from a number of telephony suppliers within the Better Purchasing framework list who have been through early assurance.

The goal is to provide GP surgeries with a list of pre-approved, recommended suppliers. These suppliers will have met a strict set of criteria, compliance demands, and ability to effectively service these medical sites with support and technology, at a reasonable cost.

Why is there a Better Purchasing framework?

The Better Purchasing framework has been built to ensure practices have access to a comprehensive, wrap-around specialist commercial and procurement advice and support. As an assured provider, RHM have signed the NHS England’s Digital Care Services Catalogue agreement and have also agreed to adopt the NHS terms and conditions for practice contracts which set a maximum term of 3 years. To see the list of BPf approved providers.

RHM supporting GP surgeries

Founded in 1992, RHM are a well-established reseller, large enough to be a credible partner yet small enough to be agile and responsive. They provide cloud-based telephony solutions that are compliant with the BPf and include key features that must be delivered as part of the BPf framework including:

  • auto-attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR),
  • call reporting
  • call recording
  • office telephony
  • video consultation
  • request a call back whilst in queue
  • call me back when I am at the head of the queue
  • integration with clinical systems.

What does the BPf mean for RHM customers?

RHM will continue to provide the same high-quality level of support and service to all healthcare customers. They will ensure robust and reliable communication technology is supporting the important mission of delivering effective and compliant patient care, meeting the demands of this essential public sector service.

Managing Director of RHM, Nick Thomas, said: “Becoming an approved BPf provider has not only made us extremely proud of all the successful projects we’ve executed for the healthcare sector, but it also provides an opportunity for us to continue to deliver excellent customer support and a range of key products to one of our country’s most critical services.

The eligibility criteria and approval process for the framework were rigorous, and this highlights the high standards in place to ensure our NHS can deliver vital patient care. We’re proud to offer a supportive role in that initiative.’ 

Find out more about how RHM support healthcare: https://www.rhmtelecom.com/healthcare/


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