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How we’re helping GP practices navigate the Better Purchasing framework

Our NHS is one of most essential public services, servicing towns, cities, and villages across the UK. We’re proud to be an approved supplier of the NHS England Better Purchasing framework, providing GP surgeries with the communication tools they need to deliver efficient and effective patient care.

We’re going to discuss the nuts and bolts of the framework, how RHM are delivering services to GP practices across England, and how you can benefit from this new initiative.

What is the Better Purchasing framework?

The Advanced Telephony Better Purchasing framework (BPf) allows Doctors Surgeries to procure cloud-based telephone systems from a number of telephony suppliers within the Better Purchasing framework list who have been through early assurance.

The goal is to provide GP surgeries with a list of pre-approved, recommended suppliers. These suppliers will have met a strict set of criteria and compliance demands, demonstrating the ability to effectively service these medical sites with support and technology, at a reasonable cost.

How will the BPf impact GP practices?

The benefits

With the BPf promising GP practices specialist, wrap-around support and tailored solutions, customers can feel confident that the products and service provided by their chosen supplier have met rigorous criteria and standards.

The NHS England National Commercial and Procurement Hub will provide information and advice every step of the way, and with a thorough understanding of your requirements, we will find the perfect communication solution bespoke to you.

As an approved supplier, RHM have committed to meeting the expectations and behaviours of the commercial standard. This means GP surgeries are guaranteed high-quality technology and support at a reasonable price, with the procurement process for effective communication tools being simple and straightforward, giving them the chance to future-proof their services.

RHM’s experience with healthcare

Here at RHM, we’ve helped many GP surgeries and GP practices with their communication and technology needs over the years, developing long-standing relationships. As an established provider, we have decades of experience delivering high-quality technology and dedicated support, with a hands-on approach to customer service. When our customer’s need us, we’re just a phone call away.

Want to see what our products and support look like in action? Check out some of our case studies within the medical sector:
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What services do RHM offer?

We’re committed to providing the best technology to help GP surgeries provide a seamless communication experience for their teams and their patients. From call analytics to video consultation, we help medical sites streamline their processes and manage high call volumes, allowing for efficiency and remote-work capabilities. Products we offer as part of the Better Purchasing framework include:

  • Auto-attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Call reporting.
  • Call recording.
  • Office telephony.
  • Video consultation.
  • Request a call back whilst in queue.
  • Call me back when I am at the head of the queue.
  • Integration with clinical systems.

Benefits of RHM products

  • Cloud-based VoIP is easily scalable.
  • Deliver better patient service, including out of hours responses, line busy automations and voicemail features.
  • No hardware required, so there is no maintenance upkeep for technology, which is cost effective as well as minimising the risk of downtime.
  • Improve patient experience and offer more telephone consultations.
  • Phone data and handling is secure, offering peace of mind for patients and GDPR compliance for surgeries.
  • Cloud-based technology helps facilitate remote work and flexible working conditions.
  • The advanced technology helps GP surgeries keep up with fluctuating call volume.

We can help your healthcare site manage call volume, read more here.

Final thoughts

Here at RHM, we’re proud to help GP practices with their communications needs with dedicated support and future-proof technology. Through providing robust and reliable communication technology, our goal is to support GP surgeries now and in the future as they set out to deliver excellent patient care.

Head to our website to find out more about the Better Purchasing framework or contact our team today.


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