Your telephone system sits at the heart of your business as one of your main communication tools. Rapid change in technology means there is a vast array of features and facilities available on modern telephone systems to help your business. Deployment options have changed too since you last changed your system. Today they can still be installed on site, or as increasingly popular cloud or hosted solutions.

RHM are based in Gloucester, but we have worked extensively throughout the West Midlands, including a large amount of time spent in Worcestershire. We operate in Worcester but also extend our service to Redditch, Kidderminster, Evesham and are more than happy to attend installations for rural businesses as well. We pride ourselves on our quick response times for support requests and this is part of the reason we have many happy customers in Worcestershire.

Why speak to us?

We work with you to design and specify a bespoke telephone system, we pride ourselves on creating longstanding partnerships with our clients, creating solutions that can support your business’s growth for years to come.


We’ve been installing telephone systems for more than 20 years, so we know you want minimum disruption and maximum customer service. RHM are proud to be the South West’s most experienced business telecoms supplier.

Project Management

We will take ownership of all the elements involved in delivering a successful telephony implementation. That means everything from porting your telephone numbers, cabling your premises and installing new lines through to programming your new platform to ensure it delivers improved business efficiency.


Should you run into any problems, our remote monitoring systems will pick them up quickly and our customer service team and helpdesk will either resolve them remotely or we’ll get someone on site to get it fixed. We make it our business to ensure our response times are better than the industry standard. Our talented engineers are based in Gloucester, meaning we can respond to support requests across Worcestershire with ease.


Cloud Telephony

With easier access to lower cost, better quality business grade internet connections, more and more businesses are implementing cloud telephony.

This streamlined approach means the main control unit is no longer installed on your premises but hosted in the cloud and accessed via your internet connection.

RHM has years of experience in providing hosted solutions and has invested in three wholesale relationships to ensure we can match you with a solution that meets both your operational and financial requirements. Ericsson LG, Gamma and NFON are our preferred cloud telephony partners.

Although suitable for any sized business, cloud telephony is an ideal solution for companies with multiple sites as it’s capable of serving hundreds of employees. It’s easy to upgrade, has great flexibility and there are no hidden costs. You only pay per seat and our bundles include all your calls, making it easier to budget.

Site based telephony

The traditional way to deliver telephone systems for business. A control unit or server is installed onsite and all handsets communicate with this device.

Ideal for any business with the cash available to purchase and own their own equipment or happy to take out finance, typically over a five-year period. Telephone lines and support are then paid for monthly.

RHM has been installing and supporting onsite telephone systems in Hereford, Leominster, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Our reliable, scalable solutions are suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From single to multi-site locations, we can provide you with a future-proof system that meets all your needs. We’ll quickly responding to your site anywhere in the South West in an emergency, giving you peace of mind that we’re never more than a phone call away.

Because we’ve worked with key hardware suppliers such as Avaya and Ericsson-LG for more than 20 years, some of our customers are on their third or fourth generation systems and have been able to migrate and upgrade without having replace all the equipment or licences.

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