Guest WiFi that goes further

Your guest WiFi is about more than just getting your customers online. It’s actually a chance to keep your own network protected, carry out better marketing of your business and encourage your customers to keep coming back. With more and more companies like yours choosing new and better solutions for their businesses, it’s time to see how guest WiFi can revolutionise yours too.


WiFi that grows your business


In 2022, providing customers with fast, secure and stable internet connections is a given for any business – but there’s something in it for you too. Good guest WiFi provides you as a company with an arsenal of tools that will help you to better understand your customers and then tailor your marketing strategies using this new knowledge.

The true potential of your guest WiFi

As an authorised reseller of Stampede, RHM offers ground breaking guest WiFi that allows you to:

  • Capture data about your customers so you can market to them in an effective and relevant way
  • Improve your online review scores by increasing the number of positive reviews and reducing the number of negative ones
  • Keep your WiFi users in the loop with direct SMS messages about your latest offers, news and events
  • Build relationships with your customers through bespoke email campaigns that can be branded and automated

And Stampede’s high-speed guest WiFi is also reliable, secure and fully compliant, offering custom blocking and filtering so your users can browse safely.

Ready to get going?

Our installation services include mesh, cabled and outdoor networks to ensure a great connection reaches every part of your venue. And whether you need us to integrate with your existing equipment or set you up from scratch, the first step is to book a demo of Stampede’s platform or speak to one of our expert team.

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