Can your employees work from their smartphones?

Can your employees work from their smartphones?

Smartphones are becoming a key business tool, it’s rare for meetings to go past without someone pulling out their smartphone to check a fact or look up an email. But just how much work can be done on a business mobile? Are they an area worth investing in significantly? Let’s look at what you can do on a smartphone already:

Phone calls

This is the most obvious task you can achieve on your phone, but now mobiles don’t just connect to the cellular network. Your staff can also use apps to make cheap VOIP calls (or even free calls over your own intranet). Working with all four UK networks, RHM Telecommunications are well placed to get you a great deal.

Video conferencing

With their on-board cameras, smartphones make ideal devices for video conferencing, whether it be to show someone’s face or allow them to take you to a location that is distant from the central office.

Note taking

Whether it’s the popular Evernote or another note taking app, a smartphone is the perfect place to make quick notes. Dictation apps are available too, giving your employees a variety of ways to keep records on the go. By bringing corporate or employee devices together under RHM Telecommunications’ mobile management plan, you can have smooth access to these services.

Access documents

Google Drive, Dropbox and other similar services give your staff the capability of accessing spreadsheets, documents and more from their smartphones, wherever they have an internet connection. These files can be edited too, allowing workers in the office to get real time updates from sales staff or other field workers.

Social media

Whether staff are posting their own updates or viewing what is being said by others, giving them the ability to keep their fingers on the pulse at all times is invaluable. Apps like help to keep updates from various streams in one place.


Quickbooks and Kashflow both have mobile apps that integrate with their main products. Although not the ideal way to manage your finances, there is the option to keep staff informed in this way too.

RHM Telecommunications has developed a range of solutions to help manage your mobile workforce. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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