What is MS Teams?

Part of the Microsoft 365 product suite, MS Teams is a cloud-based unified communications solution, built for both remote and hybrid teams. Designed for collaboration, Teams has a range of tools that promote teamwork and communication across your organisation, including:

· Video conferencing, voice and chat

· File sharing, integrating with your wider Microsoft 365 applications such as Word and Excel

· File storage with easy, shared Teams access

· Edit and collaborate on documents in real time

· Integrate with third-party apps for increased workflow and flexibility

How does MS Teams work as a phone system

Take your MS Teams to the next level by integrating it with your cloud telephony and turning it into your phone system. Through its integration with Microsoft Teams Phone, part of the Microsoft 365 suite, users can choose Microsoft 365 Business Voice license or Teams Phone license to make, receive, and manage landline phone calls inside the Teams environment.

Choose whether to have a phone number generated by Microsoft or connect your own telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing. This option allows organisations to use their existing phone numbers and telephony provider while leveraging Teams as the user interface for calls.

What are the key features of MS Teams as a phone system?

· Make and receive calls to and from external phone numbers, including landlines and mobile phones.

· With voicemail functionality, users can receive and listen to voice messages.

· Enjoy call control features such as call hold, transfer, and forwarding.

· Set up auto attendants to direct callers to the right department or person and call queues to manage incoming call traffic efficiently.

· Your team can choose desk phones, conference phones or headsets, providing high-quality audio and a traditional phone experience.

· Users can view call availability, quickly scanning if their team members are on a call.

· Easily access unified contacts from a centralised hub, bringing together contacts across Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 applications.

· Instantly transform a call into a video for screen sharing and collaboration.

· Detailed call recording, call analytics and reporting tools help admins monitor performance, manage call quality and usage, and have deep insights into call patterns.

What are the benefits of using MS Teams as my phone system?

From video calls to screen sharing, using MS Teams as a phone system facilitates a collaborative working environment, especially useful for hybrid or remote teams.

By centralising your communication tools such as instant message and video calling, as well as a central space for your business-wide contacts, you’ll promote team productivity. Call management tools streamline operations, such as creating a caller journey that directs them efficiently to a designated team member or department, save time and company resource.

With full control over permissions and visibility, admin users can manage all aspects of the phone system, including assigning phone numbers to users, call routing options, and usage reporting directly through the Teams admin centre.

Cloud-based infrastructure relies on the quality of your internet connection, rather than the technology of old landline phone lines, minimising disruption to business operations and potential impact on client relationships.

Remote and hybrid teams benefit from cloud-based products, they can connect to the system and have full access to all the same features and tools. This encourages a flexible working environment and allows your team to be in control of their preferred hardware setup.

Call reporting and analytics provide managers with a 360 view of their team’s performance, with valuable call insights that can help shape business strategy.

As a cloud-based phone solution, MS Teams doesn’t incur large hardware setup costs or maintenance fees. And, you’ll be paying per user, rather than per call.

Microsoft Teams Phone includes security features such as encryption for calls and secure identity management, keeping your data safe and your organisation compliant.

Quickly add or remove users as your business needs evolve and create new phone numbers with ease.

Port your business phone number for a seamless transition and business continuity.

Is MS Teams the right phone system for my business?

We’re moving towards a cloud-based future, and businesses of every shape and size benefit from this evolving technology.

MS Teams as a phone system harnesses the benefits of cloud telephony, offering organisations valuable call insights, features and benefits.

You may be wanting to know if you’re eligible to move your phone system to an MS Teams environment. Our experts have helped many businesses migrate their current phone setup, but there’s certain scenarios where you may have to find an alternative solution, such as on-premise technology.

Cloud phone systems with RHM

RHM has years of experience in providing hosted solutions. Our experts have helped many businesses transition from legacy telephony to MS Teams as a phone system. You can start enjoying the benefits today.

Chat to our team to find out which solution would be right for your business.

See cloud phone systems in action

Every industry experiences the benefits of a cloud phone system, you can read some of our case studies:

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