Tips for strengthening your BYOD mobile application management strategy

Tips for strengthening your BYOD mobile application management strategy

The rise of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) phenomenon means that consumer apps in the workplace have now become the norm for many organisations. However, if you don’t implement robust mobile application management strategies, BYOD could present a very real threat to your business’s security.

Keep apps consistent

Rather than allowing users to download multiple apps, choose one or two that will fulfil your business needs.

Using the same set of apps will maximise productivity benefits, whilst ensuring that the solutions are compatible with the range of mobile devices that your employees use.

Establish a clear mobile management policy

You should have a centrally available set of guidelines for mobile device usage at work that is implemented before the roll-out of BYOD.

Make sure that the roll-out of BYOD is coordinated across all your staff and that any necessary training is carried out before BYOD is introduced. Security problems usually arise when employees are unaware of policy or just don’t understand the consequences of disregarding the rules.

Take to the Cloud

Cloud-based apps are generally more efficient and effective because they offer better functionality, faster speed, and better performance than many on-site solutions. With the added financial benefit that upgrades and fixes are usually included in their charges, the Cloud is proving a very popular choice for many businesses.

Grow with the company

Because technology moves so fast, it’s essential that businesses keep track of new apps and products that are appearing on the market. Delegate someone in your IT department to carry out an ongoing evaluation to make sure that your company policies remain up to date and ask your telecoms provider for advice on any necessary mobile systems upgrades that might be necessary.

BYOD is certainly here to stay and it does present many advantages for the business owner. Be sure to carry out research, put the necessary mobile usage policies in place, communicate them well to your staff, and enjoy the many benefits of this emerging new phenomenon.

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