Are desktop phones redundant?

Are desktop phones redundant?

Such is the sophistication and importance of modern mobile phones, it’s easy to believe that desktop commercial phones have had their day.

After all, business mobiles these days are handheld computers, multi-functional and highly versatile. Desktop phones can seem rather limiting in comparison.

However, this 140 year old communication device is holding its own against other business tools.


New niches for desktop telephony

One way traditional business phone services are finding new life is via digital technology and the ability to manage telecom costs with web based systems.

According to Transparent Market Research, VOIP based systems are becoming increasingly common and are set to double in value by 2020. This will focus on both phone-to-computer and phone-to-phone communication.

Plus, these days travel costs have been slashed by the advent of conference calls. Anyone who has ever tried to organise one on a mobile with fluctuating signals and service will tell you that a traditional desktop phone is the preferred choice for communicating to multiple people.


Comfort factor

For many employees, using a desktop phone is both familiar and convenient.

Ergonomically designed and supported to be usable for long periods, you can also transfer calls with ease. You can also rely on a desktop phone 24/7 without worrying about charging it or losing signal. They are built to last and won’t go out of date as quickly as smartphones do.

Ofcom figures show that 95% of UK SMEs in the UK still use legacy PSTN landline systems, clearly illustrating that for many companies, something that works well doesn’t need to be totally abandoned in the name of progress.


Best of both worlds – blended phones

There are a growing range of options for companies who want to combine tried and trusted telephony with innovation in business communications.

This includes equipment that combines traditional desktop phones with a lot of the functionality of mobiles. Plus, systems are becoming available that can synchronise data between traditional phones and smartphones or even laptops.

Handsets and touchscreen technology can be blended together to create something both reassuringly familiar and adaptable to modern communication interfaces.

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