With so much of our daily lives reliant upon the internet, it is essential that your business gets the most from your broadband.

Getting the most from your business broadband

With so much of our daily lives reliant upon the internet, it is essential that your business gets the most from your broadband. Broadband gives your staff the information they need to complete their projects, communication with clients and allows potential customers to find out about your brand and company. However, while the internet is of vital importance to all businesses, the broadband services received by the majority of businesses is lower than it could be, with negative implications on speed, efficiency, productivity and overall profitability.

As such, our experts at RHM Telecommunications Ltd have produced a short guide on how to get the most from your business broadband.

1. Ensure your broadband provider is right for your area

Different broadband providers will have different levels of speed and quality due to the differences in their infrastructure, depending on geographical location. As such, just because you receive excellent service from one provider in your Bristol Office doesn’t necessarily mean you should use the same provider in Exeter. Research the various levels of coverage in your area to see which provider can offer you the best services, or ask our team to do this for you.

2. Reduce unnecessary strains on your bandwidth

There are many computer applications that run automatically in the background, using some of your bandwidth, and thus reducing the amount available for the programmes you are actually using. Software such as Skype and Spotify all connect to the internet and run automatically, so consider turning these programmes off unless you are actually using them, giving you increased speed for your business operations.

3. Ethernet cables are not outdated!

For anyone using a pc rather than a laptop, consider an ethernet cable rather than relying on wi-fi. Ethernet cables provide a much faster and far more secure connection to the internet, and can really help to boost your connection speeds.

At RHM Telecommunications Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering telecommunications services for clients throughout the UK. From SMEs to large national chains, we can provide bespoke and tailored solutions to suit your business needs. For more information about our services, and how we can help you, please contact us.

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