How much does your business phone system boost productivity?

How much does your business phone system boost productivity?

On the face of it, there’s nothing not to love about cloud-based and IP business phone systems. They are inexpensive and they allow a single phone system to be used anywhere, with virtually unlimited potential for expansion. But how much can a quality phone system really increase the productivity of a business?


Faster comms help employees do more

One of the biggest factors that slow progress on a project is waiting for a contact to get back to you. A system from a cloud-based telecoms provider will show you whether someone is present and available to take a call. By knowing who is available at any given moment, employees can cut the time that gets wasted waiting on the phone and limit the need for voicemail messages that need to be followed up on.

Furthermore, with audio and video conferencing, the whole team can communicate at once, without the need for everyone to be in the same location. Collaboration is essential to move some projects forward, and a quality phone system can facilitate collaboration over distance.


Tracking to help motivate staff

Modern phone systems include a tracking feature, which can enable business leaders to evaluate the performance of employees alongside the goals set for them. Features like this can assist managerial staff in identifying potential candidates for advancement in the company, as well as in providing individual feedback to help motivate employees along the way.

Employees benefit from being able to see data about their performance, and it can motivate them to be more productive and develop their skills. The information gathered by tracking can help managers to provide reinforcement and focus on specific areas for encouragement.

Tracking features also allow the management team to conduct a detailed analysis of business factors that have an impact on productivity, enabling the identification of areas that need improvement. In this way, a good modern telecoms provider can make a huge difference to the productivity of a business.

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