Why a business phone number increases sales

Why a business phone number increases sales

Internet sales are very important to today’s industry. Online chat, email and social media have become very popular ways to offer customer service. Therefore, more businesses are forgoing placing a telephone number on their websites and opting for digital communication channels instead.
But ditching the traditional number for online chat, or email, might be a mistake. In fact, not having a telephone number available on your website might be decreasing conversions. For smaller businesses, the loss of sales can be devastating. But why does a telephone number affect your sales so much? Here are some reasons: 

1. It builds trust

One of the main arguments for having a phone number on your website, and for your business on the whole, is that it helps to build trust with your audience. It tells them there’s a person behind the brand they can get in touch with to discuss concerns or queries.

When you build trust with your audience, you’re making it easier for them to feel comfortable buying from you.


2. It adds better customer service

Two-thirds of customers will switch providers if they experience poor customer service. Customers can have bad experiences if they can’t get hold of you, or find a way to contact you. Telephone numbers allow instant access between you, your customer service team, and them. Therefore, issues with orders or queries can be quickly discovered and resolved.

Better customer service leads to more frequent sales and higher transactional values.


3. Some customers don’t trust digital communication methods

Some customers are distrustful of online communication channels like social media, online chat and email. After all, there are always stories in the news about insecure digital channels. Therefore, some customers will only consider calling you via your phone.

Your telephone number should always be available for those who don’t want to use their computers to contact you.


4. It’s a personalised communications path

Online communication methods have no emotion. Online chats, email and social media are just text on a screen and offer no personalisation. But when someone is speaking to you on a phone, you can hear the emotion of your customer and they can hear your emotion.

If your employees appear passionate about your products/services, it will help them sell your products.

Don’t forget your business phone service

Don’t forget to ensure you have a business phone service. It’ll help you grow your business by offering customers proof that you can be trusted. More trust equals more sales, and that can be the start of your business’ expansion.

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