Business Mobile – Get GDPR Compliant

Many UK businesses focus their GDPR compliance on managing data held on premise.

However due to the technology available today many organisations work in a flexible way with staff operating from home or outside of the sanctity of the physical office.

The prevalence today of smartphones for staff to gain access to their email and maybe even access corporate information held on CRM databases or servers means that the data risk has been pushed out beyond the office.

Smartphones therefore present a risk to the security of corporate data and by default personal data held about suppliers or clients.

Many organisations have not catered for this in their GDPR planning.

RHM offer a very simple pay per user per month mobile device management service from as little as £2.00 per month. This would enable the business to start putting protection measures in place at the very least to be able to remotely wipe a device if lost or stolen.

Additional layers of protection can be built on for example to separate work from consumer use of a smartphone, email encryption and whitelisting apps that are allowed on a corporate device.

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