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How to integrate mobile devices into your communication system

Mobile devices are now an integral part of business life. They’re not just a distraction from the ‘real work’ anymore. In 2021 you’re just as likely to get in contact with a customer on your mobile as you are from your desk phone, if not more. Technology providers are realising this, and services that support mobile communication are now more common than ever.

There are plenty of applications now available to businesses that can turn their mobiles into professional communications devices. This ranges from productivity services to UC (unified communications) platforms that can completely change how you work. We know that it can be difficult to sort through the services available and find something that really works for your team. That’s why we’ve written this blog today.

We’ll explain how you can effectively use mobiles in your communications, helping your team to keep working at their best from the office or anywhere else.


Ensure there’s no difference in call experience for customers


This is a real make or break for your business mobile plan. You need to use a system that allows your customer-facing staff to communicate with a level of professionalism that customers would expect. This means that your mobile has to offer brilliant audio quality and give your staff access to all the data they need for success.

This is where a unified communications platform thrives. This service takes all the data and functionalities of your office phone system and keeps them all in one place. It provides crystal-clear audio quality, as long as you’re connected to WiFi or have a mobile data signal. UC also includes your full list of business contacts, as well as populating your contacts with customer data from your CRM.

With our UC service, you can simply set up call redirects if you’re working away from the office. This lets your system know to reroute all incoming calls to your mobile. You don’t have to use a different number, and there’s no delay or change in experience for your customers. This seamless process is ideal for estate agents, salespeople on the road, or to implement a remote working policy in any business.


Take advantage of their unique benefits


Mobiles aren’t just a convenient way to check your emails on the move. They offer a range of functionality that even the best office phone system can struggle with.

Equipping your team with business mobiles, and combining them with a unified communications platform allows you to create a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy at your business. With CRM data, call management systems and access to services like video conferencing and instant messaging on a mobile, staff can use their mobile as a softphone. This brings opportunities. You can implement a hot-desking policy, or if you’re a small business, take better advantage of shared working spaces.

With mobiles, you don’t need to provide a business line for every employee, helping to reduce costs on a long-term basis. A UC platform is also a far more cost-effective way to access services like video-conferencing and instant messaging, compared to many larger platforms. At RHM, we’ve partnered with industry leaders Ericsson-LG, Gamma and 3CX to provide our UC service, click here to learn more.


Maintain security and best practices


One of the reasons businesses can hesitate to adopt mobiles into their communications network is that they see them as a personal device first, rather than a tool designed for business. This can be changed with a few simple additions.

Security is a common and important concern. If a mobile is lost or stolen, then crucial financial or customer data could be at risk. That’s why we can include Mobile Device Management (MDM) software alongside our phones. This service allows you to monitor the status of all devices on your network. From here you can wipe a phone if you know that it is unrecoverable, and also quickly see at a glance any older devices that might require an upgrade to the latest and most secure software.

As for keeping track of your daily business processes and customer service, our call management service can help. This service allows you to keep a clear view of every call made to and from your business, either through real-time wallboards or regularly scheduled reports. These reports include all calls made through company mobiles. Similarly, our call recording package can also unobtrusively record calls made by company mobiles, allowing you to sample at random for quality control, or search by user or customer for a more thorough approach.

These powerful analytics and management tools allow you to integrate mobiles into your network without compromising security.


We’re here to help


At RHM we can guide you through the whole process of adopting a business mobile plan. RHM are approved Business Partners with all four major UK Mobile providers; O2, Vodafone, EE and Three Networks. This allows you to take advantage of the best tariffs and data packages in your area. Our mobile packages allow you to leverage trade discounts, giving you and your team access to nearly any mobile on the market, from the latest iPhone, to the eco-friendly Fairphone.


This is all managed by your own personal account manager and billed in one easy to understand monthly statement. To find out more, speak to our team at 0345 136 60 60.

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