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The latest trends for on-hold marketing

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching businesses are looking for ways to keep their customers informed. Whether this is letting them know of your changed opening hours, a special offer or other change to your service, it’s vital that you can let customers know quickly. One of the quickest ways you can do this is by keeping your communications updated. Most businesses have some form of on-hold messaging that greets customers while they wait to get in touch with a member of your team. Many aren’t currently making the most of it.

On-hold marketing has changed a lot in the last few years. There are far more options now available. The days of grainy music, robotic voices and strange nature noises are over. Thanks to advances in technology there’s now a huge range of options now available. At RHM we’ve recently partnered with one of the industry’s leading on-hold marketing providers, PromptVoice to provide our customers with a new way to update their own marketing. This partnership means that we can help businesses tailor their on-hold marketing by using one intuitive portal.

In this blog we’ll talk about some of the latest trends we’ve seen in this field, and how keeping your marketing updated can benefit your customer service as well as bottom line.


Seasonal Messaging


This is especially appropriate with Christmas around the corner (at the time of writing), but on-hold marketing is a great way to let customers know what you’ve got going on at at various times of the year.

We know for many teams such as front-desk staff in schools, face a hugely increased call volume around the holidays. These teams can be inundated with calls from parents who need to know about early closing times or other changes, especially if we get some snow!

In these situations, updating your on-hold marketing to a more festive message allows you to quickly keep callers up to date. Answering seasonal FAQs through your on-hold marketing reduces the stress put on your front-desk staff and shows that your team are taking that extra level of care.


Special Offers


Waiting in a queue to get in touch with a business isn’t usually how most people want to spend their day. We get it. You can make this process more enjoyable for customers though and one of the main ways you can do this is through on-hold marketing.

If you have any special offers in place for your business, such as discounts, limited time menus, or special deals for students or the elderly, it can be difficult to get the message out. As RHM makes updating your messaging quick and simple, this can be the perfect way to get offers and deals out to market.

Some businesses are even taking this a step further. We’ve seen some teams including special offers in their on-hold messages that aren’t available anywhere else! This is a brilliant way to reward diligent customers and we think it’s a fantastic idea. Our on-hold marketing service can include custom messages recorded by professionally trained voice talent, so it’s the perfect opportunity to create extra sales.


Differentiate from the competition


Many industries in the UK have never been so competitive. Especially in the professional services sectors like property, insurance and marketing, it’s crucial that businesses create a brand identity that stands apart from their competition.

You can have the flashiest advertising in the world, but the first impression that a huge number of customers will have of your business is their experience on the phone with your team. If potentials new customers are put on-hold, then it’s an ideal opportunity to present to them some of what your brand is about.

That’s why our platform includes a variety of high-quality license-free music that you can set your bespoke messages to. So, whether you’re a happy and fun brand, or a more serious and professional organisation, you don’t have to rely on music that sounds like it’s come from a supermarket. With over 300 voice artists to choose from you can always find a voice that fits your brand.


Diversified messaging


When it comes to marketing you need to tailor your approach to your audience, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The same applies to your on-hold messaging. You need to have a range of messages that can apply in different situations.

We’ve already discussed how valuable seasonal messaging can be, but what about cross-selling? If your business offers additional services customers might not know about, on-hold marketing is a great way to let them know. We’ve seen this used incredibly well by dentist’s surgeries, who use their on-hold marketing to offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures and have received great uptake since making the switch.

It pays to have multiple messages on your on-hold marketing system. As great as your messaging might be, loyal customers may get bored if you play to them the same thing on repeat. Thankfully, with our PromptVoice package you can add new messages to your platform whenever needed.

Our special on-hold marketing offer is still ongoing! If you sign up for our service between now and the 17th of December, you’ll receive two free voice messages. Just in time for Christmas!


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