FTTP First 2 Months Free

At RHM, we’re currently offering new customers their first 2 months of our ultrafast FTTP connectivity service for free.

Fibre to the premise (FTTP) is now becoming increasingly more available in the UK. At RHM we’ve seen it first-hand in the South West. Alternative providers like Jurassic Fibre and Hyperoptic as well as larger firms like CityFibre have gone above and beyond to get businesses connected.

The investment in FTTP is the biggest the UK has put into communications infrastructure since the 1990s. Instead of it being provided by BT, however, alternative providers have stepped up, with remarkable results.

With FTTP, download speeds can go up to 1000Mpbs and uploads can reach 115Mbps. Speeds can be customised to suit your business, meaning you receive a connection that really works for you.

Thanks to alternative providers as well as Openreach, FTTP is now available to more of the UK than ever before. It’s the perfect time, then, to get in touch with RHM and access these connections for your business.


Why choose FTTP?


We know that there’s a lot of connectivity services available to businesses now, from older ADSL all the way up to leased lines. Many of these services also claim to be faster than one another. So why do we recommend FTTP?

The past few years have shown how quickly new tech for businesses can become ingrained in our daily lives. Video calls especially are now commonplace but require a huge amount of bandwidth to work effectively. FTTP connections can support any kind of communications, where other services cannot. As soon as files need to be uploaded and shared across cloud services like Office365, older broadband services can begin to struggle.

With the upcoming PSTN switch off, many businesses are moving previously analogue systems like their access control, over to newer IP based services. FTTP connections support these services with ease, alongside other security solutions like CCTV or VPNs.

Right now, businesses are in a unique situation when it comes to working from home. Some staff are looking to stay remote, many are back in the office full time and many more are alternating between the two. Businesses need a connectivity service that is consistent and reliable no matter how many people are in the office every day.

We feel consistency is the key word here. Fibre connections are less susceptible than their older counterparts to the cold, corrosion and damp, meaning you’re far less likely to experience any downtime when you make the switch.


Why work with RHM for your connectivity?


At RHM we’ve spent time building great relationships with a range of FTTP providers. Our ability to negotiate and advise these teams is what sets us apart. We already work with many local and national providers such as the ones mentioned earlier, but we will also pursue agreements with others wherever our customers can benefit.

Working with us means that alongside your FTTP connection, you’ll gain access to our helpdesk and support services. We’ll even handle the process of switching from your old supplier. If you need to connect a new site or are on the move, we’ll be happy to help make sure that you’re still working with the best connectivity service for the job.

FTTP may not be available in your area yet though. At RHM we’re lucky to be based in the South West, which has seen extensive investment already, but still not every business here is covered right now. We’ll update you on FTTP’s progress around the Southwest and the rest of the UK.

Our FTTP services start from £29.99, depending on the provider used and term of contract. As an introductory promotion, we are currently offering new customers the first two months of FTTP absolutely free!

Get in touch with our team to find out more about FTTP or check out this blog to see more options. You can reach us at 0800 041 041.

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