Cam & Uley Case study

Cam & Uley Case Study, Analytics Update

The Background

Cam & Uley Family Practice is a semi-rural training practice based across two surgeries on the edge of the Cotswolds. They have a multi-disciplinary team of 43 staff plus 5 GP partners, and currently serve 11,000 patients in the local area. They recently received the Silver Award for Green Impact for Health 2022, achieved by implementing energy-saving, sustainable and carbon-reducing initiatives across both surgeries.

The Challenge

Over the past year, they have taken an average of 8,500 inbound patient calls per month on the Horizon Telephone System that RHM installed and have supported since late 2016. While the phone system did a fantastic job supporting their current needs, they wanted to take their customer service to the next level. To make this possible the team needed to address some key challenges.

The challenge in the way of customer service improvements was that they couldn’t monitor the day-to-day calling activity. They often found that patient comments could not be addressed or investigated in real time and that internal systems could not be improved upon as a result of this. They needed to see who was doing what, where and when on the phones at any one time.

The Solution

When Cam & Uley came to us explaining this challenge, it was clear to us that it wasn’t an issue with their existing phone system that they were having. They were just missing a vital ingredient to the mix that would allow them to understand their calls better. Luckily we had the software that would be able to remedy this!

We deployed and provided staff training for Akixi; an integrated call management software designed to provide detailed real-time business insights. The management software allows the business to access grouped data for all of their calls, giving them the information they need they need to fully understand what is happening with each and all of their calls. For Cam & Uley, this meant they could review specific issues and identify areas for improvement to suit their patients’ needs.

The benefit to Akixi is that it provides management staff with a clear overview of their entire communications infrastructure. Whether this is responding to patients in real-time, or checking regularly scheduled reports to identify weak-spots in their call processes. Akixi gives the visibility, while the easily scalable Horizon phone system allows for improvements to be implemented.

The Feedback

Katherine Stark, Practice Manager gave us some glowing feedback. ​​“RHM have been very supportive and patient with guiding us through our own questions and queries. As well as providing in-depth training on the product, their expert knowledge of our environment really shined as they were able highlight things that will be useful that we wouldn’t have even considered before! It is definitely an ongoing process but we really feel like we have much more control over the system and processes now
rather than the other way round.”

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