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Internet in the South West, the latest news

The South West of England has always been an attractive region for businesses, with its close proximity to major cities, good transport links, and an abundance of natural beauty. But one thing it’s often lacked is broadband speed. Thankfully, this is changing due to the emergence of alternative FTTP providers.

If you’re unfamiliar with FTTP, here’s a quick refresher. FTTP stands for Fibre to the Premises. It is a type of broadband internet connection that uses fibre-optic cables to provide high-speed internet access directly to a customer’s home or business. This technology is capable of providing much faster internet speeds than traditional broadband, and even other fibre services.

The end of 2022 has seen some huge breakthroughs for FTTP in the South West, at RHM we’re dedicated to helping businesses make the most of them. Here’s the latest news.

FibreLight Gloucester

Thanks to the work of alternative provider ITS Technology, a huge stretch of Gloucester can now upgrade their broadband to FTTP. This new change will allow for the speeds of a leased line, at a fraction of the cost.

FibreLight is now up and running on Bristol Road. The connection runs from Olympus Park, all the way up Bristol Road and then further on to Eastgate Street, Westgate Street and Worcester Road. With the infrastructure now in place, businesses can now switch over to FibreLight, with installation taking place in as little as 20 days!

At RHM we’re proud to be partnering with ITS on FibreLight Gloucester. As Gloucester residents ourselves, we know that consumer broadband in the area has had its fair share of difficulties over the years, and certainly doesn’t have the capacity to support modern businesses. FibreLight presents a real step forward.

FibreLight Cheltenham

We’re jumping the gun a little on this one, but we’re happy to reveal that Gloucester isn’t the only location in the South West set to benefit from ultrafast FTTP. Starting from early January, Cheltenham businesses will also be able to access FibreLight.

ITS have provided FTTP through the heart of Cheltenham. The new connection now starts on Bath Road, runs from the A40, through Montpellier Street, all the way to the High Street via Rodney Road. All businesses and homes on this route can now take advantage of this high-speed connection.

Why make the switch to FTTP?

The benefits of full fibre broadband for businesses in the South West are numerous. Firstly, the higher speeds allow for smoother and faster data transfers, meaning everything from loading websites, to making calls using VoIP is easier.

This means that businesses can work faster and more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings. In addition, fibre broadband has the advantage of being more reliable than traditional broadband services. This means that businesses can be confident that their internet connection will remain stable and secure, even during times of heavy usage. Switching to FibreLight means you can take advantage of RHM’s 24hr SLA, it’s the perfect way to future-proof your business technology.

This is especially important for businesses that rely on their internet connection to carry out their day-to-day operations. Finally, making the switch helps your business to prepare for the upcoming PSTN / ISDN switch-off.

What is the ISDN/PSTN switch-off?

The PSTN switch-off is the process of transitioning from traditional analogue telephone networks to more modern, internet-based infrastructure. In simple English, it means that in 2025, BT will be switching off traditional landline telephones to move over to phones that host calls through the internet, rather than copper phone lines.

The change is a welcome one in the long term, and internet-based calls do come with a range of benefits for businesses. For example, you can host many more calls at a time without installing a bunch of extra lines. The PSTN switch off is a part of the larger process of network modernisation, which is taking place across the world. What it does mean though is that businesses will have to place a lot more responsibility on their internet connection.

Your entire communications infrastructure being hosted over the internet will put strain on any consumer broadband service. We know that most businesses now use video calls more than ever, potentially putting even more pressure on your connection. FibreLight and other FTTP services provide an effective solution, with the ability to support your business after 2025 and for decades to come.

What are your next steps?

If you’re in Gloucester, Cheltenham or anywhere else in the South West and want to check if you’re eligible for an upgrade to FTTP, get in touch with RHM. Alternatively check out our broadband checker to monitor speeds in your area, and find out when FTTP is set to arrive.

If you’d like to make the switch, RHM’s Nick Hunt and his team of technicians will be happy to get the ball rolling, installing your new connection in as little as 20 days!

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