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Matthew Brewster: How we create tailored mobile plans

Managing your business mobile tariffs can be difficult – RHM have got you covered.

Most businesses require communication tools that match their dynamic workforce. Having staff working in different locations and at different times requires companies to ensure their staff stay connected and can communicate effectively with one another.

Managing mobile devices and tariffs takes time and adds to your workload, taking time away from your business.

Do you need the assurance of unlimited data? Or are you unsure of how much data on your shared plan gets used each month? Knowing what your usage is and how much you will be charged is important.  RHM takes the worry out of mobile plans, tailoring them to match your data usage needs. Why pay one flat rate if one month’s usage is different to the next?

Having a mobile tariff that is clear, simple and adapts to your business is important.

RHM provides just this. What will happen if you use more than your monthly allowance? Or Is it possible to be on a lower usage data tariff? Experts at RHM are here to take the stress out of it all.

RHMs business mobile solutions

RHM are approved business partners with four of the major UK mobile providers; O2, Vodafone, EE and Three Networks. Our mobile solutions, support your business and work in line with RHM’s other product solutions, making communication and connectivity seamless.

Does your business have staff that work in changing locations?

Staff who work across multiple sites and travel to various locations, can find that communication and connectivity is affected. Loss of signal, means loss of communication, slowing down productivity and potentially having a negative impact  on customer service.

Signal strengths can change depending on an area, being with just one network provider risks having poorer or loss of signal in some environments. RHM have a solution to this, providing connectivity to all the networks with network agnostic data SIMs. The SIM allows mobiles to automatically search, select and switch to the strongest signal in any location, from any network, keeping your business connected and productive.

RHM’s tailored mobile plans

At RHM, we supply solutions for businesses, finding a contract tailored to suit you teams needs.  Our mobiles allow you to pick up the strongest signal in any location and avoid hidden charges that can come from major providers.

All our tariffs have unlimited UK calls text and EU roaming.

Our system will track your usage and apply the appropriate charge in line with how much data was used that month. This means that if your usage changes from month to month then so can the charge.

Take a look at the tariff to see how and what we charge:

  • Use less than 4Gb we’ll charge you £11.50
  • Use between 4 and 6Gb we’ll charge you £12.50
  • Use between 6 and 10Gb we’ll charge you £13.50
  • Use between 10 and 20Gb we’ll charge you £14.50
  • Use any amount of data over 20Gb and we will charge you just £16.50.

We will only ever charge you £2 per GB over your limit. By spreading data usage across your team, we can also help you avoid extra charges. We understand the need to be flexible and that staff numbers change in all businesses, RHM offer 30-day contracts allowing plans to be cancelled without incurring a fee.

How do you manage your business mobiles?

Businesses need to be aware of more than just their mobile costs. They also need to be aware of all the mobile devices accessing their corporate networks, from company owned  or to employee owned as part of a Bring Your Own Device scheme (BYOD).

RHM’s Mobile management provides a central management platform. The platform supports multiple devices and accommodates multiple ownership across secure mobile devices. Included in this is installation, configuration, training, support, upgrades and insurance.

When hardware becomes outdated and redundant, RHM will recycle it for you.

RHM’s Mobile Management Software

In any business, damages and losses occur, but some losses can impact a business more than others. A lost or damaged phone can present a couple of problems. Not only does it mean communication downtime for staff and possible loss in productivity, but it also poses a potential security risk.  Business critical information on staff devices needs to be kept secure. In the event of a damaged or lost phone, RHM’s mobile management software allows you to wipe devices remotely. Having this option means sensitive data remains safe with no risk of falling into the wrong hands.

What about billing?

Monthly statements are billed directly by RHM. In addition, the online web access allows you to view a variety of reporting criteria, helping you manage your mobile estate, and keeping you in control of cost-effective solutions.

If you are interested in the solutions RHM can provide, get in touch with one of the team today.

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