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Is your business as safe as it could be?

No matter what or where your business is, keeping it secure and safe is a key priority. This is why many businesses choose to install CCTV as a security and surveillance solution.  Deciding which CCTV solution is best to future proof and protect your business can be difficult, this where RHM can help. We carefully select which vendors we work with to ensure our clients get the ultimate services and products.

Gone are the days of low quality, bulky, immobile cameras that are placed in the hope to visually deter individuals. The CCTV solutions available on the market now, offer smart, safe and secure solutions whilst continuing to be a strong visual deterrent.

The UK CCTV market is flooded with Chinese based companies such as Hikvision, who were recently banned in the USA for security reasons, something that should ring alarm bells for businesses here too.

Launching CCTV solutions at RHM, we were keen to work with a vendor that’s British based with a strong expertise and good reputation. This is why we analysed the market carefully before choosing the vendor, Genie.

Genie CCTV solutions

We chose to work with Genie for many reasons. RHM believe Genie’s solutions are an excellent, reliable choice for protecting businesses and homes.

Genie have been protecting homes and businesses for over 20 years with British led excellence and expertise. They have pioneered, industry leading video security surveillance and access control systems across the whole of the UK.

They pride themselves on delivering the best products and services to suit every client, every time, and their reputation continues to grow. Renowned as a company that provides exceptional service and leading-edge solutions, the reputation they have built includes supplying large organisations with CCTV solutions. Some of the organisations include, Sussex Partnership NHS foundation trust, the British Transport Police and Docklands light rail.

Genie CCTV products

Genie takes innovation, quality, and precision seriously. This is why they carefully research off the shelf products and invest time in creating bespoke, from the ground up, system builds.

They have a range of solutions to suit any premises and environment, whether it’s one camera or a multiple structured facility, Genie’s products offer outstanding image quality that’s easy to maintain and scale up as a business grows. Some of the different CCTV solution options include:

Networked – a networked solution is a smart technology; it offers analytics and resolution options to users and is AI enabled.

Analogue – everything is recorded in one place with this simple, great value surveillance solution. It supports 4K resolution on existing infrastructures.

Wireless – using long range wi-fi bridges, this solution reduces the need for laying cables in challenging environments.

This is just an overview of some of the easily tailored surveillance options, RHM and Genie are able to work with you to get the right service for your business.

Genie’s high standards and quality control are reflected in their outstanding reputation among installers and customers.

RHM and Genie

The CCTV market is fiercely competitive and keeping up with ever-more demanding customers, and the latest advance in tech means we always need to stay ahead of the game.

RHM working with Genie as their CCTV vendor makes sense because, Genie holds stock in the UK, making it easily available and accessible.  When designing solutions for our clients, Genie provide invaluable pre-sales technical support to enhance the design process. RHM will fit and support the surveillance solutions from our Technical Helpdesk in Gloucester.


Established in 1992, RHM have a wealth of experience in cabling, networking and especially in networking via IP (Internet Protocol). We understand how difficult it can be to deal with multiple companies to get the solutions your business needs. That’s why RHM aim to provide its clients with straight forward, easy to understand services whilst only having to speak to one single contact.

Most of today’s CCTV solutions can be overlayed over a businesses data network using IP. RHM have significant experience in this area, including remote access or for sites to allow access to images beyond the routers and firewalls. Many traditional CCTV installers have struggled to get to grips with this world which is alien to them. This is RHM’s core competency, so our partnership with Genie is an excellent match and makes installation and setup seamless.

Clients choose to work with us at RHM because they know they get to speak to real people, with real knowledge. They understand that we select the vendors we partner with very carefully, so our partnership with Genie, shows our clients the faith we have in Genie’s products.

Whether you’re a small or large organisation, we are experienced in supporting businesses of all sizes. Get in contact with our team today to discuss your CCTV needs further.

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