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The right phone system can transform your healthcare service

Effective communication is the cornerstone of patient care. As healthcare services try to keep up with growing patient numbers and increasing service requirements, the role of a business phone system has become key in meeting patient expectations and delivering optimal patient care.

As we look ahead, there’s no sign that the demands on our healthcare service is going to lighten, so it’s time to explore how the right communication technology can benefit both staff and patients.

We’re going to look closely at the benefits of choosing future-proof solutions, how the right technology can enhance your GP surgery, and what we’re doing to support healthcare services nationwide.

Healthcare sites are growing

It’s 2024, and healthcare services are in a constant state of evolution, adapting to technological advancements and a growing demand on services. Communication systems play a crucial role in providing seamless interactions among healthcare professionals, patients, and administrative staff.

With multi-site requirements becoming more prevalent, the need for scalable telephony solutions that adapt and evolve has never been higher.

Why is your choice of telephony so important?

From managing high call volumes to providing telephone appointments, healthcare services are being inundated with requests.

A robust communication system provides the flexibility necessary to address these challenges effectively. Whether coordinating care across multiple sites or managing patient enquiries, phone systems are a lifeline for healthcare providers, offering reliable connections and streamlined communication channels.

The impact of the ISDN switch-off

When we look at the options available to GP practices, pharmacies, and other healthcare services, we need to factor in some upcoming changes to the communication landscape.

By December 2025, all PSTN and LSDN phone lines will be switched off. This nationwide removal of copper phone lines will see legacy, landline and traditional telephony become obsolete.

What does this mean for you? Well, all healthcare providers will need to switch to a future-proof alternative, and this is where cloud technology comes in.

What is cloud communication?

Simply put, cloud telephony hosts call data over the internet. Because traditional phonelines will cease to work by December 2025, all businesses will need to have migrated their systems over to an alternative, and cloud technology provides a host of benefits. Read more about cloud communication and the ISDN switch off.

The benefits of cloud communication

A reliable phone system ensures that patients can connect with healthcare professionals promptly, fostering trust and accessibility, and living up to the standards expected by patients.

Call management features

From call recording to auto-attendants, on-hold music to call queuing features, surgeries can manage their call flow with ease, increasing efficiency and delivery of patient care.

Call analytics

Call analytics allows you to keep tabs on calls, and through live wallboards you can closely monitor missed calls and queues. You can even pull up historical reports. This intel helps services prioritise effectively, ensure calls aren’t being missed, and keep a close eye on performance stats.

Call quality

Telephone appointments an essential service for GP practices across the UK, and crystal-clear call quality and dependable connections are essential for productivity and patient satisfaction.

Scalable and future-proof

As healthcare facilities expand, and patient volumes increase, your phone system needs to grow with you. Cloud technology provides a future-proof solution which is simple to expand and add users when required.


Does your team need to work from home? Do you want to offer more telephone appointments? Cloud communication provides businesses with remote working options, as well as collaboration tools so you can manage patient enquiries from anywhere.

Security and compliance

Cloud communication handles phone data over the internet, and this means less hardware to maintain and no on-site servers. Hosting your patient and employee data at secure off-site servers reinforces your security walls, which in a world where cyberattacks are a daily threat this extra layer of protection is a must.

Healthcare sites are public-facing organisations with communication at the heart. From managing patient enquiries to coordinating care delivery, a robust phone system that adheres to GDPR compliance forms the backbone of secure communication infrastructure.

RHM – trusted telephony for healthcare partners

NHS England Better Purchasing framework provider

As an approved provider of the NHS England Better Purchasing framework, we stand as a trusted ally in the healthcare sector. Our certification underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of service delivery and compliance. With a wealth of experience in supporting healthcare providers, our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your team, ensuring both your staff and your patients are happy.

Read our latest blog to find out more about the NHS England Better Purchasing framework.

Experience and expertise

Our history in healthcare speaks volumes. Through a range of comprehensive case studies, we’ve time and again demonstrated our ability to provide the healthcare sector with cutting-edge communication solutions that cater to their needs over time.

What are the next steps?

Phone systems underpin the administrative and communication of healthcare sites – choosing the right one is vital. For practices to deliver exceptional patient care with precision and efficiency, cloud technology offers a range of benefits for both the patient, and for your team.

With the NHS migrating to a new procurement framework, GP surgeries will need to get their technology up to speed – that’s where we step in. We provide tailored communication solutions to the healthcare sector, supporting you and giving you the tools to run your practice efficiently.

We understand your unique requirements and the challenges you’re facing. Whether you’re a GP surgery, a pharmacy, or a hospital. As a BPf approved provider with extensive experience, we’re here to support you through your transition. Find out more about our phone systems for healthcare or chat to our team.

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