UK CCTV: the impact of NDAA compliance

As the world continues to digitalise, security products are continually evolving in both features and benefits. But with these advancements comes the need to refresh surveillance compliance and legislation. This is being addressed across the globe, with the United States taking the charge.

Here at RHM, we offer CCTV products from Genie, a National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant manufacturer that’s helping UK businesses keep their premises secure. But what is NDAA, and how is the world of surveillance changing for both domestic and international markets?

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at NDAA compliance and how this new legislation is impacting surveillance parameters across the UK.

An introduction to the NDAA

The NDAA is a US government-led legislation that sets budgets and policies for the US DoD (Department of Defence). This legislation also covers technology and security provisions.

Section 889 and its impact on the UK

Section 889 of the NDAA is in place to prevent the use or provisioning of products and services that could cause a national security risk. In particular, it stops federal agencies from using telecoms or video surveillance technology supplied from select Chinese businesses that are known or suspected to be linked to the Chinese government.

Despite being a US-based legislation, section 889 is causing a stir and sparking conversations around security, influencing how governments worldwide proceed with surveillance legislation.

This poses a predicament for UK businesses using CCTV and surveillance security equipment sourced directly from Chinese suppliers. They’re faced with two options: do they start the huge project of removing Chinese-supplied equipment from their security systems, or do they run the risk of losing vital business from clients who adopt the sentiments of the US government and their section 889?

As a business looking for CCTV technology, it’s something to bear in mind when choosing a provider.

The benefits of CCTV

From deterring criminals to keeping your staff and visitors safe, CCTV plays a multifunctional role for your business. As we’ve migrated to a remote-first world, many businesses find their premises empty or unmanned for extended periods of time, opening opportunities for your premises to be targeted.

Historically, CCTV has been patchy and grainy, but the technology is now advanced enough to provide crystal-clear, 24/7 security that can be controlled remotely. This means businesses can access cost-effective, modern solutions that not only offer peace of mind monitoring but can also help with insurance costs, and provide footage to help provide further details for any incidents, for example – employee injury claims.

Future-proof CCTV from RHM

Here at RHM, we provide businesses with high-quality CCTV technology that protects your business. We understand that keeping your staff, visitors and premises safe is a top priority, which is why we select feature-rich, industry-leading products that give you complete peace of mind.

As the US legislation starts to trickle down, there’s more to consider when choosing your CCTV system. Our UK vendor, Genie, has a range of NDAA-compliant CCTV products, which allows your business to invest in scalable, future-proof technology that keeps up with the evolving surveillance legislation landscape.

Our engineers can quickly and seamless install Genie technology. Whether it’s smart technology or wireless requirements, there’s a bespoke system for every business.

From prisons to MOD sites, police stations to schools, Genie’s products are trusted by some of the most data-sensitive private companies and public bodies. Check out Genie’s products and our CCTV solutions on our website.

Your next steps for increased business security

Our team handle unique requirements, everything from remote access needs to accessing images beyond the routers and firewalls. With our added network experience, we’re able to listen to your needs and make sure your IT, CCTV and network work seamlessly together.

The NDAA compliance legislation hasn’t yet finished making waves, and putting your trust in a UK-based CCTV provider is a smart move in a shifting digital climate. Chat to our team to find out more.

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